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Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club

Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club

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The Legend of D.B Cooper

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Bigfoot Photos from 2006 Alaska Trip!

2005 Northwest Conference photos and
1st annual Seattle Sasquatch Symposium

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formerly the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries

Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore
Online Museum
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Family Friendly, Educational and Fun
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The museum is now an
Online Museum only
with occasional tours and events

Washington State's only Legends and Lore Online Museum
Come explore the Legends and Lore of the Northwest
The Legend of DB Cooper
UFO History, Bigfoot and Ghost Museum
See also
Maury Island UFO Mystery
Legend of D.B. Cooper and latest information
The Lost City of Wellington - 1910 Railroad tragedy, maps and photos and newspaper documents
Rare and never seen before photos of Bruce Lee and Frances Farmer
See a historic photo of Barack Obama's first house in Seattle

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Candle Light Memorial

The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore and Capitol Hill Pride invites the public to a Candlelight Memorial on Halloween Night and the first night of Dia De Los Muertos under the full Blue Moon.

Sat. Oct. 31st
10th and Pine
Capitol Hill, Seattle

This candle light vigil is to respectfully remember the memory of those that have passed on and who's lives and spirits continue to guide and inspire in the spirit of unity.

We encourage participants read names, bring LED tea light candles, wear masks and practice social distancing.
Among those being remembered will be George Floyd, John Lewis, Breonna Taylor, Summer Taylor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John T. Williams, Charleena Lyles and many more.
We encourage businesses to display LED candles in their windows in remembrance during this holiday season.

This is the sixteenth year the NW Museum of Legends and Lore has scheduled events on Capitol Hill. The museum will not be conducting the Capitol Hill Ghost Tours this year to increase safety due to Covid.

Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
NW Museum of Legends and Lore
Directors, Capitol Hill Pride

Due to COVID and the fact we want to keep our guests living, we are cancelling all ghost tours this year.
Look for the
Capitol Hill Halloween Ghost Tour in 2021 !


$5 suggested donation
Cancelled only in the event of rain
Come dress in costume! (no clown costumes please)

Starts in front of the Elliot Bay Bookstore
near corner of Pine and 10th on Capitol Hill.
Please call ahead and leave a message.
Suggested especially
for groups or school classes.
 or 206-465-9601

Ghost Tour from 2018

Join us on a guided walking tour around Capitol Hill's historical haunts, highlighting
Seattle's pioneers, famous person and other historical sites around Capitol Hill.

Your Ghost Tour Guides
Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
The tour is approximately an hour but please allow for an hour and a half
with an easy walking tour of the Pike / Pine neighborhood featuring the Oddfellows Cafe then up Broadway with stops at the Jimi Hendrix's statue and ending at the North end of Broadway in front of the old Harvard Exit Theater - considered when it was open one of the most haunted theaters in the Northwest !
Discover exclusive stories of Famous People and Ghosts of Seattle:
Bertha Knight Landes, Kurt Cobain, Nellie Cornish, Frances Farmer, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, and more!


Charlette Capitol Hill Historical Ghost Tour
Your Ghost Tour Guide
Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson
Capitol Hill Historical
Ghost Tour

- a guided historical tour of
Seattle's most historically haunted locations, famous ghosts
Capitol H ill's secret prohibition history
, as well as review of architecture and the haunted restaurants.

Please call ahead suggested especially
for groups or school classes.
 or 206-465-9601
bring appropriate weather gear
$5 sugg. donation
Cancelled only in the event of rain

Starts in front of the Elliot Bay Bookstore
near corner of Pine and 10th.


Seattle Bruce Lee
Restarting of the Seattle Bruce Lee Fan Club
More on Bruce Lee
D.B. Cooper wax head
A copy of the FBI description of D. B. Cooper and one of the first wax heads made of D.B. Cooper more accurately depicting  the FBIs description of his Olive complexion.
Click HERE for the latest information on the D.B Cooper Case.

We are saddened to hear the Seattle FBI is closing the case as we believe the agents here locally were in an ideal geological location to check out leads.

Currently, the museum and its explorers continue to search Bachelor Island in the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge which is located on the edge of the FBI search area near Woodland, WA.
Proud Organizers of
Seattle Faerie Festival
Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally

Seattle Faerie Festival 2014

Member Washington State Convention and Visitors Bureau 2006
Member Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce 2004
Capitol Hill Community Council 2008-2009
Broadway Business Owners Association 2012-present
Fiscal Agents and Organizers of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival March & Rally , Seattle Faerie Festival and Pride Asia


Now available, the first book from the Northwest Museum of Legend and  Lore



“When I met Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson in 2007, I found them to be enthusiastic researchers who were energetically pursuing and impartially sifting through the facts about the Maury Island incident.  This book is the result of their efforts.  It presents new evidence and new analysis, and every reader will find it intriguing and informative.”

     Larry Haapanen, Ph.D, the last UFO investigator for the Fourth Air Force.

Amazon Reader Review, March 17, 2014 - Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson have done a great investigative job into one of the most bizarre, enigmatic, and strange UFO cases around. I have been personally investigating this case for over 40 years now and was very surprised to find information and photographs in their book that I have never seen before. Whatever this classic 1947 case really represents; either a real UFO event, some kind of coverup using UFOs as a foil, or a downright hoax, ... do not pick up the investigation trail yourself without reading this book and adding it to your UFO research library!

Find out more about the Maury Island UFO Incident
Maury Island UFO Incident

The Maury Island UFO Incident is a bizarre mystery case spanning several months in the summer of 1947 in the Puget Sound area of Washington State and involved the Air Force’s first military plane crash. 

This book focuses on the crash site of the B-25 Bomber, a first ever interview with a local who was first on the scene and a newly discovered news photo of the crash site, believed to be the only photo available of the historical crash.  This book brings forth more photos and new information  than ever before on this mystery.

The mystery occurred two weeks before Roswell and involved three facets.  The first facet the story by Harold Dahl of UFOs seen over Maury Island, the second Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of UFOs over Mt. Rainier and the third, the tragic crash of a B-25 Bomber and the deaths of two military intelligence officers.  As the Air Force separated from the Army August 1st 1947 this was the first crash and fatalities of the Air Force.

About the Authors

Charlette LeFevre  Philip Lipson

The “Scully and Mulder” of the Northwest, Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson have been researching, the Maury Island UFO case since 2001 and are now the foremost researchers on the subject. Charlette and Philip have been exploring and investigating Northwest Mysteries for over twenty years along with the Northwest Museum of Legend and Lore. and Lore. Both Charlette and Philip can be found in Seattle living with their two dogs.


Directors Philip Lipson, Charlette LeFevre with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero Radio at the McMinnville UFO Festival 2014.
Thank you Clyde!
Headline in the back from the Tacoma Times - Wrecked Bomber Carried Disc Secret
Listen to the show Return to Maury Island

Words from the Ghost Communication Box

Ghost communication box

The Ghost Communication Box is a voice chip programmed with the 71 phoenetics of the human voice activated by EMF fields. The chip, from was placed in this clock box for ease of operation. The museum has had the box for nine years and can say the words heard from the box appear to be random.

11/23/2015: Ghost Box regarding location of Salah Abdeslamin in asking victims of Bataclan Theater:
Words heard: Backwords chat, where builder's build, burial at here (cemetery?) he loved it here, employees, seasonal help, orange.

 Ghost Box: Calling on Knute Rockne to call winner of Superbowl 49, words heard: "Say Hawks", "third", "up air by 5 feet", "help you".

Regarding Ebola
, (developing word analysis...) we asked Edgar Cayce. Words: Ice, help you...

Regarding Malasian Flight 370, we asked famous pilot Kenneth Arnold, "What happened to the Maylasian Flight 370?
usual schedule, air, water, up help, news. I don't know, near fire, occupy gear, back up air, allied, glaring alarm usually invisible eyes dial

Reeva Steencamp  - How did you die and what would you like the world to know? get up early, tired lost angrily fear yelling what are you? up here doing well allow me to help loving slept near I'll hear you hear you love fell off the end a burgler loud I am aimed, pay off in my arms, you are hurting

Oso Washington mudslide -  Is there anyone that would like to say anything?
at home here all day help feet yelling, perfume, he gave car up, the year of our burial, the year our bulldog.., elk

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 Please contact the museum to schedule a private session.

In Memory
Robert Bob Dilworth

Seattle's own courageous explorer, Bob holding Mini Max crystal sku


Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore
Top Ten Haunted Public Locations around Seattle and Puget Sound
Based on activity

1. Oddfellows Cafe - Capitol Hill
2. Harvard Exit Theater
3. Pike Place Market
4. University Heights - University District

5. Fort Worden - Port Townsend
6. Maynard Alley - International District, site of the Wah Mee massacre

7. Thornewood Castle - Lakewood, WA
8. Hugo House - Seattle, WA
9. Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery - Capitol Hill Seattle
10. Lost City of Wellington - Stevens Pass area 


Mystery of Orbs Solved!

Mystery of solving hand warts solved!

The solution? Cover with
Clear nail polish!
Why does it work? It is believed the nail polish seals off air from the wart in much the same way that duct tape is said to work.
Clear nail polish is also less noticable than tape or the black skin that results from freezing warts.
Results are reported to be seen the next day.
Try it and let us know your results. e-mail Charlette at

Check out the Museum as written about in the Jan. 31, 2005
Seattle Post Intelligencer Article!

Seattle PI Article

Also, check out our article at:


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The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore is not associated with any religious or political organizations
nor do we stress one ideology over another.
Our mission is to respectfully provide a platform to further the understanding and exploration and discovery of Northwest mysteries, humanities, encourage innovative technology via our exhibits, events, library
lectures, author presentations and cultural arts.

For Questions on the museum

Media or event scheduling contact either
Charlette LeFevre or
Philip Lipson

Send Mail to:
PO Box 12213
Seattle, WA 98102

Museum Wax Busts

Developing wax bust of Bruce Lee

Developing Wax Bust of Bruce Lee 

Interested in  Portraitures of Wax Head Busts of your family, persons?
Please contact the museum for a price quote.
















At your Service

Directors of the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries and the Library of the Mysteries.

The museum was started in 2004. A combination of a monthly coffee club lecture group in paranormal science started in 1998 and a retired Librarian. . The museum became a state non-profit in 2004 and is now a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit.
Science based, the museum promotes education and exploration through the Legends and famous persons of the Northwest.

Hosts of the Northwest UFO/Paranormal Conference, 2005 Sasquatch Symposium at Seattle Center , 2008 Seattle Faerie Festival and the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Capitol Hill Pride Festival.
The museum has hosted hundreds of authors and lecturers with such notables as Dr. Nick Begich, Michael Cremo, John Hogue, Peter Davenport, Lewis Perdue - author of DaVinci Legacy, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Chief of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota in 1998 at Emerald Downs, David Icke at Seattle Town Hall, Bud Hopkins, FBI agent Ralph Himmelsbach on D.B. Cooper as well as host Max the crystal skull and hosts of a filming site for Peter Jenning's ABC Special.

Charlette LeFevre - Museum Director
Charlette LeFevre - has a BA in Research and Design from Wright State University. She is current Director of the museum and the previous Seattle Chat Club - a Seattle lecture group hosting authors founded in 1998.
Charlette's science background includes interning at a biomedical research lab in Yellow Springs, OH and has been a three year member of the Ohio Academy of Science. Charlette's background also includes working as a military contractor at Wright-Patterson AFB. investigating the paranormal, dabbling in Kirlian Photography and researching geological mysteries. Her photography has been used by the Discovery Channel and she has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including Evening Magazine, KOMO and KIRO. Most recently on Q13 presenting on D.B. Cooper.
Charlette's past inteviews have included Dennis Kucinich, Presidential candidate, Peter Jennings and Bob Gimlin of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.  

Past positions: 2008 Capitol Hill Community Council VP
Currently Charlette creates wax heads of historical persons, is researching the Maury Island UFO Mystery and the associated AF B-25 Bomber Crash, the first historical U.S. Air Force crash in Kelso Washington and writes for the Seattle PI online as the Charlette Report as well as being involved in the community directing the Capitol Hill Pride Festival, Pride Asia and conducting the Capitol Hill Ghost Tour.

Cosmic Librarian - Philip Lipson,
MSLS - Masters of Library Science

Philip Lipson - is a "Cosmic" Librarian" with a Master's degree in Library Science from Wayne State University in Detroit and has had experience in both public and academic libraries.

The bureaucracy of government regulated libraries could not contain him and he has devoted the last 30 years in establishing himself as an independent researcher and investigator of subjects of paranormal interest. He is available for consultations. In 1980 Philip ran for Sheriff of Wayne County, Michigan, Libertarian Party. Lucky for the library he lost. His slogan was "Behave Yourself", a motto he still lives by today - or so he says.

Philip is available for finding books.


Both Charlette and Philip are available for presentations
on the mysteries in the Northwest, the mystery of D.B. Cooper, the history of the Maury Island UFO incident and Kenneth Arnold's sighting over Mt. Rainier as well as other Northwest mysteries.

The museum is a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and a list of advisors.


Board Members and Advisors

Charlette LeFevre
Philip Lipson
Randy Richter

Bill Beaty
Larry Cox
Spirit of James W. Ray of the Raynier Foundation

The museum would like to thank James Widener Ray, the Raynier Foundation and the Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Bill Beaty, Randy Richter, Carolyn, Bob, Rich, Dean, Dana, Steve, Denise and more...
The staff and volunteers and speakers, organizations and all the members who have put in their time and effort.





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